Scanner doesn't work / blinking orange light

1. Reboot the system:

Turn the scanner off and disconnect it from the computer. Restart the computer. Turn the scanner back on and connect it to the computer. Unplugging the scanner and letting the computer restart without the scanner plugged in ensures that everything is ready to go before the scanner is plugged in.

2. Switch the port on the computer side:

Make sure your scanner is properly connected to your computer: the cable should be plugged in DIRECTLY into the computer and not through a USB hub.

Changing the port that the scanner is plugged into on the computer will often solve the problem. By plugging it into a different port, the computer recognizes it as new hardware and will start it as new.

If you only have one port (for example, you are using a tablet), try unplugging the scanner and plugging it back in, or restart the computer (or tablet) with scanner unplugged as per the instructions in step #1.

3. Make sure only one instance of ID Science is running:

Having two instances open at the same time creates a conflict. Make sure only one instance is open: close the program completely (all the instances) and carefully re-open it.

4. Verify that Verex-ID is running:

Verex-ID is the recognition engine behind the Verex-ID system.  It runs as a Windows service in the background and is evidenced by a round icon in the Windows system tray in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Make sure it is not covered by a red X.

If the icon is covered by a red X, the service might be suspended. Check the status of the Verex-ID program in the lower left corner of the window. If it says "Stopped", you will have to start the service.

To start the service, right-click on the Verex-ID icon and click on "Start Service". The red X should go away and the status of Verex-ID should switch to "Ready". Try scanning an ID. If the light is still blinking, install the drivers as per the instructions in step #6.

If you are unable to start the service, follow the instructions in the attached PDF guide to restart Verex-ID.

If the service is started but the red X does not go away, there might be an issue with your software license. Proceed to step #5.

5. Make sure your software license is active:

Right-click on the Verex-ID icon mentioned in the previous step and click on "Activate License" in the pop-up menu. A window with your software license key will come up. The first paragraph will tell you if your software license is active or not.

If your software license requires activation, click on "Activate License" (if your computer is not connected to the Internet, contact us for help).

You will have to restart Verex-ID after activation (follow the instructions in the attached PDF guide): right-click on the Verex-ID icon and click on Shutdown Service, then right-click on the Verex-ID icon again and click on Start Service. The red X should go away. Close and re-open Verex-ID. Try scanning an ID.

If your software license is expired or you're getting an error when trying to activate it - contact us and provide a description of the error along with your software license key.

6. Make sure drivers are up to date and not corrupted:

Using the most recent update file, run the driver install. IMPORTANT: Close the Verex-ID program, turn the scanner off and disconnect it from the computer before you run the driver install.

If drivers are not installed, run a complete setup. If the drivers are installed, run the repair setup. You can always augment this with a full uninstall and a new install of the drivers.

Once the drivers are installed, restart the computer, re-connect the scanner to the computer, wait for Verex-ID to open and try scanning an ID.



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