How do I check my current software version and engine version

Your current version is reflected in the Help tab of Verex-ID. Look for the month and year, the version of Verex-ID itself and the version of the ID Engine that runs on the background:

Month(s) are the easy to understand designation of the current full software version - most of the time FULL will be after this, if we have released a patch to fix a bug, it will say PATCH -

PATCH will bring the older FULL version up to date without having to re-install the whole program.  

FULL, with a higher version number, is newer then PATCH.  You want the highest version that is available, regardless. If you have a version that says PATCH, always check the update folder to see if it has been replaced with a FULL version with a higher version number.

Version is the numerical designation under the Month that we use to track the Month and if we make any changes mid-month, such as patches or fixes.  This is currently v8.0.2.0  If we make a change mid month, the PATCH should have a higher number than the FULL it fixes, but the next FULL will include that patch, and have a higher number.

ID Engine is the third part of the software, in this case its ‘4564’  you just need these 4 digits when asking or checking for ID engine.  This is the engine that the "Your Engine is Out of Date" warning refers to.  If your computer has not been on-line in a long time to communicate with the license server, or your license was not activated correctly,  you could be running an old - out of date- engine, even though the Month and Version appear to be the most current.  Activating the license while connected to the internet is the fastest way to resolve this, then run the full update again.

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