Self Extracting Package Stopped Working

The Windows Defender Security Center (or your virus protection) is blocking the update installer.
If there is an error right at the beginning saying that the package stopped working, cancel the process, and go to your Windows Defender Security Center and turn OFF the real-time protection in the Virus and Security settings section:
Then add the "ID Science Updates" folder, the "IDSUPDATES" folder (if you have it in the "Documents" folder on your computer) as folder exclusions. 
Lastly, find the update file that you just tried to open - it will be in either your download folder or in the Monthly Updates folder on your desktop - the file looks like this but might have a more recent date
Add this file as a file exclusion to the Windows Defender exclusion list as well - just to make sure.  Now restart your computer and run the update again.
You must re-start or the changes you just made won't save!  
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