How do I download the latest updates for Verex-ID

Every 4-6 weeks, we release an updated version of the Verex-ID software that contains the most recent ID document additions to the library as well as various improvements, bug fixes or feature enhancements that improve the performance of the Verex-ID software.  There are 3 ways that a customer can get updates, please choose the option or options that best suit your business needs and inform us how you wish to receive the updates and we will deliver them accordingly.

1st Update OptionInternet connected system.  If a customer can their computer or tablet running Verex-ID to the internet on a regular or permanent basis, we are able to automatically download the updates to that system using ShareFile, a secure tool will download the latest update to a folder on the users desktop named "ID Science Updates" -  Registered users will get an email notification from ShareFile once the latest version is available.  The download will usually be complete within a few hours of the email notification, depending on the settings and internet speed.   Users will still need to double-click the update file to launch it. Please refer to the How-to-update-IDScience guide later in this section for how to install the latest version: 

2nd Update Option: No Internet or system not connected.  Once a month we will email the registered user or administrator a link to download the to the latest version from our secure ShareFile server, the email comes from - there is no need to log in or use a password, just click on the link and download the file manually. If there is not a good Internet connection for the computer running Verex-ID, this process can be done on any back-office or personal computer with a good connection and then the latest version file can be saved to a thumb drive and copied onto the computer running Verex-ID via a USB port.

3rd Update Option: This is essentially the same as 1st Optionbut instead of waiting for ShareFile to download the latest version file in the background, the customer admin or account manager can log onto ShareFile  ( using their ID Science registered email as the User Name and the password "12Updates” to get taken directly to the ID Science ShareFile page where they can choose the folder “Shared Folders” to then view the folder called “ID Science Updates”, where the latest version is located. Please refer to this guide linked in the bottom of this section, ID-Science Update Guide

Please note: As soon as the latest version has been uploaded to the ShareFile Monthly Updates folder, ShareFile sends a notification (to the email address used to log in with) letting the user know it’s avaialble - this is the fastest option but requires them to log in.

Additional Terms: Advanced ID Detection uses ShareFile to upload certain data from Verex-ID to make improvements to the system.  You may choose to opt out of this data sharing by choosing to update via the 2nd Update Option or contacting us with your request.

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