"Stopping error" / program not opening

If you get a "stopping" error window and the Verex-ID program does not open, it could be one of the following known issues. 

If your running an out of date version of the software, ( older than 90 days ) the Verex-ID software will not open at all until you update to the latest version. Simply update the software.

If you have recently updated the software and the program still wont open, please locate the following software component and re-install it as follows:

1. Go to your Control Panel->Uninstall a Program, and if AssureID Sentinel is installed, please uninstall it.

2. Then go into Documents->VAUPDATE->files->button 1

Note: this folder may also be called IDSUPDATE.





3. Double-click on AssureID Sentinel and click through until it successfully installs. Follow all the prompts and if asked to Modify or Repair, choose Repair. If you get an error during the installation, please submit a ticket with the details and a screenshot.

4. After you install Verex-ID Sentinel, double-click on Verex-ID Document Library and click through to install it. If you get an error, submit a ticket. 

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