Using the Passback feature

When enabled, this feature records the name and date of birth of each ID scanned into a temporary database.  Thus, one can be alerted when the same ID is presented again within a certain time range.  The passback feature and the passback alert range can be set on the Options/Passback tab.  This feature guards against patrons passing a genuine ID back to someone else who may look similar (but may be underage) to utilize to gain entrance.  It is important to do a facial check against the person!

The database file itself can by default reside in the standard local “Config” folder but could also be specified to be on a network accessible drive, and in fact can be the same database file for all stations with access to that common file location.  This allows one to detect usage of the same ID at multiple entrances within a specified time frame.  The Options/Passback tab allows searching for past occurrences of a particular ID and is also used for setting the Passback options. 

A key factor in this approach is setting the “Station” name for each workstation in a multi-station environment such as a gaming facility with multiple entrances.  You already may be familiar with setting the Business Name on the Options/Forms tab.  This field identifies the business and is used in generating the Report Form.  Two other fields can be filled out on this tab —Station for entering the particular location at a facility (e.g. Front Entrance) and Operator (e.g. employee name/number).

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