Using the Watchlist feature

You can add an ID to the Watchlist so that a message similar to the following will appear:

When you are on the Watchlist tab (under Options), the “Populate w Current ID” button will fill out some of the information in the tab (First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth).  The “Date of Entry” field will be the current date.  The “Notes” field allows you to specify additional information (e.g. “started fight”, “no cover charge”).  Pushing the “Add to List” button will immediately store the entry in a database file and a confirming message will appear in the “List Log” area.

The “List DB File” field specifies where the database file is stored (either locally or perhaps in a networked drive accessible to multiple stations).  The file is currently stored as a Microsoft Access database file (with a “.mdb” extension).  Its default location is in the Verex-ID “config” folder.  However, a major advantage is that the file can be read from and written to from multiple workstations and any local changes made will be immediately available to other stations utilizing the same database file (e.g. multiple entrances at a gaming facility).

The “Query List” button will query the database for the current information while the “Delete From List” button will remove an entry from the database and will report the results in the log.  The “Open List” button will attempt to open the database file with whatever application is currently used to deal with Access database files (typically Microsoft Access if it is installed).  One can use Microsoft Access to import large existing lists form other sources (Excel, CSV) into the database used by Verex-ID.

The Watchlist window and menu can be accessed directly from the Summary Tab after an ID is scanned, the LIST button is located next to the CLEAR and MINIMIZE buttons near the bottom of the Summary screen.  This gives the user the ability to quickly add a person to a list without requiring the Review function. If you do not see the button, you need to enable it by marking the corresponding checkbox in the HW tab under Options and clicking “Save” afterwards.


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