IDS-1000 cleaning guide

Over time, especially if the unit is not cleaned often enough, the rollers that move the ID in and out of the machine may become dirty or worn out. Please buy and use simple alcohol pads to clean the scanner when the software prompts you. A box of 200 will cost about $3 and depending on your scan volume, this would last at least a year. This is the first step in greatly lengthening the service life of your IDS-1000. They should be located in either the first aid or diabetic section of any local pharmacy.

We strongly suggest you stay up to date with our advised cleaning schedule for the scanners. Otherwise, the rubber rollers on the IDS-1000 progressively collect some of the dirt on IDs and gain a larger diameter. This throws off the timing of the scan and ruins the result. At this point the scanner needs to be serviced with new rollers.

The attached guides explain how to clean your IDS-1000 scanner. The second guide goes into detail about cleaning the rollers specifically. This will extend the life of your scanner.

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