Add Verex-ID to the virus protection Exclusion list

With the latest Windows updates, the Windows Defender Security Center will try to block certain actions that Verex-ID requires to function, including running the monthly updates and printing a PDF report from a recent scan


To resolve this, you need to add Verex-ID to the Exclusion list in the Windows Defender Security Center


First, it always best to close Verex-ID.

Windows Defender or other anti-virus software will often interfere with the updates as well as the proper operation of the Veres-ID software - to fix this we will need to add a few exclusions.

Go to the Settings option from the Windows icon, and type "Defender" in the search window.  This will bring up the Windows Defender Security Center, when this is open, go to the option  > Virus and Threat Protection and then Virus & Threat Protection settings and then add Exclusions for all the following folders associated with Verex-ID.


Click the Add Exclusion button, choose FOLDER, which prompts you to navigate to the folder you wish to add, they are all located in This PC and then in your Windows C drive.  Add exclusions for the following folders:

Program Files (Acuant, Common Files)

Program Files (x86) ( Acuant, Adobe, AssureTec, Verex-ID, Common Files) 

Restart your computer and then re-install the latest version of Verex-ID with Feedback to make all the changes are saved!

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